Day 2: Coming home!

We checked on Billy this morning, and got news that he’s doing really well! He ate food last night (no surprise to us), and peed outside, like a good boy. He’s getting around pretty well on his own. We can pick him up this afternoon, and we are THRILLED!

…more later…

Billy’s discharge appointment was scheduled for 4:30 this afternoon. Needless to say we were very excited and arrived around 4:00. We checked in with the receptionist, and after some fancy moves with a credit card, they said that we could see our big brown buddy! Since the staff had told us earlier that Billy was doing well and moving around on his own, we expected that he would be very excited to see us and go crazy when we were reunited.

This was not the case…when we saw each other, he just kind of sat there looking confused. We loved on him anyway, and prepared for the journey home. The one hour drive home went smoothly (Maggie was petting him the whole time), and he went up the stairs to the third floor like a champ (with just a little bit of help from us).

As soon as the key hit the lock, Billy bulldozed his way into our apartment and made a beeline for his food bowl. To his disappointment the bowl was empty. We filled it up and he promptly made it empty once again. Now Billy is resting quietly on his orthopedic foam bed with his head in Maggie’s lap, continuously reminding her that she is not petting him enough.

Having our best friend home with us is a great relief!

Resting on Maggie

Resting on Maggie


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  1. benny55 says:

    GREAT NEWS!! Up! YAAAAY! PEEING! YAAAAAY! EATING! Well of course! He’s a Bull mastiff! YAAAAAAAAAY!

    ‘Will look forward to the homecoming! Don’t even bother looking at the incision…..just look into those eyes and kiss that sweet mug! He will be so happy to see you!

    Rock on Billy!!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • bmwaugh says:

      Hi Sally, it is so great to hear that Hannah is in her 11th month! I love to hear things like this! Billy is very grateful to have you and Hannah rooting for him!

  2. kwatson8 says:

    Yay! Such great news! Congrats on Billy’s homecoming. Can’t wait to hear about his progress.

    • bmwaugh says:

      How is Marley doing? I hope he is doing well. Do you have a blog on here? Billy would love to follow along with Marley and share all of the great successes that they will both have. Billy is doing pretty well at home, but he just sat down on his incision and let out a yelp that made us sick. I can’t wait for this thing to heal! Keep us posted on Marley and thanks for all of the support!


    Do not forget to pull his ears very liberally. This is key for rehabilitation.

    • bmwaugh says:

      Chipper we pulled and bit his ears so much that he thought he was in heaven! He should get his stitches out on the 8th along with his first round of Chemo. If you want to see him, you can come to Dan’s clinic as that is where he will be having it done.

  4. benny55 says:


    He looks so relaxed resting on Maggie’s legs! He is such a good lookng boy!

    I love tnat he basically ignored everything about the homecoming (due to being very drugged I’m sure!) but made a bee-line for his food bowl!! No amount of drugs, major surgery, amputation…nothing can co e between a Bull Mastiff and his food bowl!

    It was weeks before Happy Hannah would lay on her incision site and I remember that, when she did, I knew she was completely healed.

    Billy, be careful going up and down those steps big boy! Too much too soon is always a concern. But, then again, Bull Mastiff’s pretty much do what they want!

    I just want to jump through the screen and smooch that mug! He’s such a handsome boy.

    Look forward to more updates AND pictures!!

    Huge hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. Oliver More says:

    Glad to see Billy was hungry as soon as he came in the door, definitely a good thing 🙂 I agree he is quite a handsome boy.
    Olli &’I are the new kids on the block. Olli had his left front leg amputated last Thursday due to cancer.Everyone here has been wonderful, they are a great bunch of cheerleaders and definitely helped me.
    Olli is doing really well getting around but sometimes when he gets up after laying for a while he will yelp once or a few times and my heart hurts for him. Not sure exactly what it is but it doesn’t happen all the time. He did have a bunch of bruising on his belly and I’m certain he is using a lot of new muscles so hopefully it is just getting adjusted.
    At first he laid on his incision site a couple of times a day and after a few days he seemed to stop when he figured out that it hurt a little more..
    Hang in there and take it one day at a time…
    Laurie & Olli

  6. jerry says:

    Oh yes yes yes! He’s home! He’s home!

    Fear not. The odd behavior is TOTALLY normal. He’s high as a kite and recovering from super major surgery. He may be a little odd at first but in the next couple of week’s he’ll be Big Bad Billy again before you know it!

    As for when dogs lay on the amp side, it’s so all over the map. Some dogs do it right away others take their time. Just remember; don’t compare. Billy will do it on his own time and you need not worry. He’s a smart boy, he’ll get the hang of life on 3 legs and show you how AMAZING he is!!!

    We’re so glad you’re here. Giant doggies like Billy are exceptionally inspawrational! Thanks for blogging and sharing your adventures with us. Remember to hop over to the Forums for more support from the community.

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