Who he is

We are Bryan and Maggie – the proud parents of the greatest best friend in the Universe! This best friend we speak of is Billy, the big, brown bullmastiff. Billy is a fun loving, food loving, love loving boy that brings smiles to faces everywhere he goes. His tail wags like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. He is the definition of brown, and he’s got the softest ears around. He is never late for a meal or a nap with his mom and dad. Most of all, he is our best friend.

Around Christmas in 2013, Billy started limping. We hoped that it was something minor, and indeed, when the vet started him on an anti-inflammatory medication, his pain seemed to go away. But soon it was back, and much worse. Another trip to the vet revealed what they told us was most likely bone cancer – Osteosarcoma. A bone biopsy confirmed this diagnosis, and the decision was made to remove Billy’s right hind leg. Billy was not phased by this decision. He insisted that if we feed him and pet him and feed him some more, everything would be alright.


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  1. fourminipups says:

    Welcome Billy, Bryan and Maggie – sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I have a feeling that Billy is going to be just fine. He already has a great support team in you and that makes all the difference in the world.

    I look forward to hearing all about him.


  2. benny55 says:

    OMD!! I am owned by a Bull Mastiff!! And my husband (who has “crossed over to the other side of life”) is named “Billy”!

    O,ay, we’ll take all this as a good sign for your Billy!

    He is sooo handsome! And I know he’s a chow hound and a big ole’ teddy bear!

    You will be so amazed at how well he will do as a tripawd! And once recocery takes place and all his pain is gone, you just won’t believe how happy be will be!

    My Happy Hannah just celebrated her eleven month ampuversary and is moving forward (knocking on wood)! We just live in tne moment and treasure every single day as the gift that it is! She makes me laugh all the time! She gets more loving and spoiling than I ever dreamed possible! And yes, sne is a “plus sized model”…or as one member put it…a very well muscled girl!!

    Billy, you melt my heart and Happy Hannah and I have just become your biggest fans!

    Please update us tomorrow, okay? This journey can be full of ups and downs so don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help.

    Give that sweet Billy some extra treats from us when he comes home! Happy Hannah had a pretty rough recovery, but never missed a meal as many dogs do!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. jerry says:

    Awww y0u guys, welcome to the club nopawdy wants to join! I’m sorry Billy got diagnosed but you are not alone, we’re here to help so hang tight and let us know what we can do to make this journey easier for you.

  4. Jonny says:

    Hi Billy Dexter,
    It’s good to see you getting better. Whatever you do, be sure to keep eating and loving and doing all the other things you do so well and enjoy so much.
    Your twin brother,

    • bmwaugh says:

      Hi Jonny Dexter,

      I am so glad to hear from you! My parents decided to let me type on the computer for the first time since my surgery just so that I could reply to you!

      I promise that I will keep doing all of the good things you listed above, but only if you promise to keep looking like me. Does this sound like a deal? Do you think it would be alright if I posted a picture of the two of us so people can marvel at our similarities? Please let me know, and remember to drive safely on those unplowed roads in Madtown, USA.

      Stay brown,
      Billy Dexter

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