Day 4: Billy Strikes Back

Today started out the best yet! Billy was in good spirits with his perpetually wagging tail, and the whole crew was a bit more rested when we got started this morning. The room we have has a king size bed (we will definitely be getting one of these for at home) which allows all three of us to sleep relatively comfortably. Billy sleeps in the middle so that if he moves we will wake up and cater to his needs. Still a lot of waking up to go outside, but so much better than his first night at our apartment!

Billy barely made it to his appointment on time this morning because the roads were a little slippery. This difficulty was compounded by the fact that Maggie had to drive from the back seat the whole way there. I do not have much experience with that type of driving, but I imagine it is quite difficult. Well, Maggie did get us there in one piece, and Billy was able to have his catheter and medicine ball removed.

The hotel has made things so much easier for all of us that Billy decided to book the room until Saturday morning (the day Billy starts chemo and should get his stitches out). The pictures we took earlier today should help explain why he likes it so much. In other news, Billy has enjoyed a total of three bowel movements so far, and we are hoping for another yet tonight.


Lounge dog

Lounge dog


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5 Responses to Day 4: Billy Strikes Back


    That dog looks fairly brown.

    • SuperMaggie says:

      The pictures don’t even do him justice! We’ve actually been contacted by Crayola about making a browner brown crayon – they seem to want to harness Billy’s brownness.

  2. benny55 says:

    You guhs crack me up!!! I tell ya” what, if havng a good attitude cures…..congratulations Billy you are cured!!

    I know this isn’t easy, but you two realy know how topt your best paw forward!

    These pictures are DELIGHTFUL!! We’ve got a drugged out, coke drinking, remote control hog just chilling and dreaming of……I don’t even want to think what that dog may be dreaming:-) 🙂

    Billy really is a good looking boy…very, very handsome. Loving his big ole’ paws!

    THREE BOWEL MOVEMENTS AND A HUMAN WHO DRIVES FROM THE BACKSEAT…..What more could a dog ask for!!!? All is well in the World of Billy!

    Cannot wait for the next craaaaaazy update and photos! Billy’s showing tripawds everywhere the way to recover in style!

    Still grinning over here…

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Michelle says:

    Awesome pictures what a way to recover 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. jerry says:

    Billy, I think a hotel room with a bed just for the new Tripawd is the best way to recover! All doctors should prescribe that.

    Looks like it’s working magic on you, keep it up!

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