Scooty Doody Doo

Billy is Foot Loose & Stitch Free! Luckily, he didn’t do much damage with his attempt to remove his own stitches, and the vet said everything was healing just fine. We caught him laying on the couch on his incision for the first time this morning, so it must be feeling a lot better!



Life at home keeps getting closer and closer to normal…(and by normal, I mean our normal, which is not a typical family’s normal). Billy has started to show more interest in his toys, and he even chewed on one of his bones the other day. And, yesterday, Billy did one of his favorite things when I was gone…he slept with his heinie on my pillow all day long (at least that’s what Bryan says)!


As is probably obvious, Billy is the kind of dog that sleeps in the bed with us at night.

Last night Billy started to re-learn how to scoot around on the bed. See, Brown-Billy-four-legs had this rather impressive ability to scoot us so far over that the three of us together were occupying just one-fourth of the bed. Bryan ends up about an inch from hitting the floor and I’m squashed between the two of them, sweating and hardly able to breath, with Billy half on top of me. Meanwhile, with cloudy eyes, we gaze toward Billy only to see the vastness that is the other three-fourths of our bed extending behind him. His snuggling capabilities are truly unparalleled. If you were paying attention to that description, you’ll notice that I’m stuck in the middle between the two boys. That’s because Bryan suffers from claustrophobia, as he calls it; I call it is convenient. But I love Billy so much that I agree to take whatever he deals me at night, from climbing on my stomach to laying on my head. Speaking of convenient disorders, Bryan swears he’s allergic to animal poop. I let him get away with all this crap and just think of it as training for motherhood.

Below, you will see a video of the dinosaur game, in which one or both of us stalk Billy while we pretend to be a tyrannosaurus rex. He seems to like the game pretty much and always asks to play it!

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3 Responses to Scooty Doody Doo

  1. jerry says:

    Normal is boring Billy, who wants that? You are FAR from boring Mister Dinosaur!

    Glad things are getting back to the AB-normal daily routine 🙂

  2. benny55 says:

    Oh Billy! Billy! Billy! We’ve gotto get some serious counseling for your mom and dad. I’m sure you alreadyknow this….but theyre just a little “off”…..a little “whacko”…a little “nutso”…..a whole lotta’ dysfunction going onover there!

    But your handlng it like the champ that you are!

    And Maggie, you started “training for motherhood” the day you brought Billy AND Bryon into your heart!

    Ah…..could we have a video of you two imitating a tyrannosaurus rex! Can’t wait to see that one!

    Boy oh boy do I know what you mean about a Bull Mastiff owning the bed while insisting on being as close to you as possible! I think the “appearance” of wanting to snuggle, is really just a ploy to kick you out of “his” bed!

    I thoroughly enjoy readingyour posts and look forward to each and every one! Guess that makes me a little “whacko” too! And I LOVE the pictures of Billy! Love this dog! No greater joy than snuggling with a Bull Mastiff! Pure cuddle bugs!

    Still grinning ear to ear over here! seeing their sparkle come back bit by bit is so heartwarming! Yeah, he’s feeling good… was FIVE WEEKS before Happy Hannah started laying on her amp. side consistently!

    Se ding love and hugs to the whole pack!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Gramma says:

    Billy, Gramma has been watching your journey–usually several times a day–and getting up-to-the-minute reports daily. I’ve looked at your pix and watched your videos and read all your blogs and comments to the blogs so many times I know them by heart. But this video showing you wagging your tail makes me cry I’m so happy. Your sense of humor is one of the many cutest things about you. Can’t wait to see you and do some loving on you–and some ear pulling even if I can’t do it nearly as well as your Mom and Dad. Wish your Mom “Happy Birthday.” And, keep getting better every day.

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