Day 3: A New Home

Billy’s first night at home turned out to be a rough one. There was not a lot of sleeping and going up and down the stairs turned out to be much more difficult than the original trip made it seem. All three of us were very concerned about the next couple of weeks here at home.

Then, around 6AM, the situation changed for the better. Chipper McNugget graciously booked us a ground floor room at a nearby hotel (we figured Billy could fend for himself by now, and Maggie and I really needed some sleep).

Just kidding, the hotel room was for all of us! And let me tell you it is wonderful! Billy does not have to fight the stairs every time he wants to relieve himself, and we do not have to worry about hurting him all the time when we take him down either. Hopefully the sleeping situation will improve as well.

Billy and I spent most of the day together at the hotel. He wanted to watch HBO so we did that almost all day. I noticed that he was beginning to feel a little bit better, and by the time Maggie got back here, he was pretty much wagging his tail constantly just like he did before he got bone cancer. It made us all very happy to see him feeling better, especially two days after his leg was amputated.

Can’t wait to see how he is doing tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Day 3: A New Home

  1. benny55 says:

    Okaaaaaay…after reading the second paragraph over once or twice before even moving on to the “punch line”…I’m like, “what the heck?” I mean, I know those of us owned by a Bull Mastiff may be a little “off”…but this? OMD!! I’m coming to save ya’ Billy!:-) 🙂

    And then , getting a one floor hotel room so Billy can recover easier? Yeah, that’s more like it!! Kudos to you for the true deep devotion you obviously have for your gentle giant! That is one loved fella’!! Love this!!!

    Yeah, tis first week or so can be rough. You may jave another “crash” or two over the next several days as the hospital meds wear off and the others kick in. Happh Hannah didn’t sleep at all the first nineteen hours…whining pacing…it was just awful. Day three I saw a little improvement and day five crash time again. And I finally joined this site day six and found support and didn’t feel so absolutely alone!

    Sounds like Billy may have a smoother recovery with his five star hotel accommodation s!! I JUST LOVE THAT YOU MOVED TO A HOTEL FOR HIM!! JUST LOVE IT!!

    You two are WONDERFUL pawparents!! Clearly Billy knew what he was doing when he picked you as his human soul mates!

    Look forward to next update!! I know it’ll be “interesting” to say the least!!

    Lots of hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • SuperMaggie says:

      Ha – we were hoping we’d get someone with that hotel bit…at least for a second or two. Thanks for the information regarding potential “crashes.” Better to expect that there will be not only ups, but also downs, so that we don’t get too worked up when it happens.

  2. maximutt says:

    Hang in there Billy (and Mom & Dad!!), things will get better!!

    How great of you guys to get a hotel room to help your boy recover!! Every dog should have pawrents like you!!

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