Day 7: Tired!

We’re all too tired to be funny today (sorry Sally and Happy Hannah). Billy didn’t sleep very well last night, so neither did we. He seems to be so uncomfortable from always laying in the same position, that sometimes he just can’t stay still. Unfortunately, this seems to happen more at night than during the day. To to let us know about his discomfort, he pets us all night. Yes, Billy pets us when we’re not giving him the attention he wants. We have to admit that we¬†taught him to do this, and we usually get a kick out of it…not so much when we’re trying to sleep. Nothing too exciting today – Billy did a lot of sleeping; Bryan did a lot of waking Billy up (we hope that’ll help him sleep better tonight). The boys just passed out while I was busy on my computer (there they are below). Here I go to join them…image

Wondering where I fit into this picture? Horizontally just below the bottom edge of the photo. We wedge Billy into the corner of the bed with a bunch of pillows and we block him from all sides, because we’re afraid that nutty boy will jump off the bed at night (he is NOT ready for that). Oh, how we love him! Can’t wait for things to go back to normal.

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3 Responses to Day 7: Tired!

  1. benny55 says:

    I still go into an automatic smile just seeking you’ve made a post!

    Of course Billy isn’t sleepng well! Look at that wild-eyed raccoon he’s sleeping with! That would make anybody afraid to sleep!

    Yeah, nighttme seems to be the time when the discomfort of the surgery really kicks in. I’ve got a feeling this is Billy’s way of getting back for cutting his chin off and putting his food in a five gallon bucket of water! Can you imagine what others are thinking if they haven’t read your previous blogs?)

    Yeah, sometimes another “crash” happens around this time, but the ups and downs soon will turn into all ups.

    When he reaches over to “pet” you, maybe a little gentle massage can help relieve
    some of his discomfort. Nw if you can just teach him to massage you guys, you’re really to something!

    Hang in there! Your Billy will be back to normal soon……whatever “normal” means in a the world of a Bull Mastiff!

    Maybe your next post will have a picture of Billy awake…..and maybe even standing…… maybe?

    Billy! Dump the crazy raccoon and get a cuddly teddy bear!

    Sending lots of zzzzzzzzs for a good night’s sleep!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry says:

    Oh sleep is hard those first couple of weeks, I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I don’t know why but it’s the same for a lot of recovering dogs at night. My only guess as to why this happens is because the activity of the day catches up with them, even if it’s just a teeny bit of activity.

    I hope you get more rest today!

  3. mom2shelby says:

    Shelby was WAY more restless at night too and I don’t know why since I was at work all day and I *assumed* she rested since she was always resting when I got home. Perhaps she was trying to get my attention more at night? Maybe the little bit of activity she had at night (getting her outside business done, eating dinner) took a lot out of her?! She still gets a bit more needy at night (she’s one month post-amp) but LOADS better. Hang in there. He’s really doing so great considering everything. So happy for you!

    Alison and Shelby

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