Day 8: He is who he is and he’s not who he’s not

Last night was some goooood sleeping for Billy and Maggie. I, on the other hand, was allotted about one foot of the bed, and believe me when I tell you that I am more than one foot thick. Now I would love to blame this on Billy, as it is great fun to point my finger at him, but the this time I’m pretty sure it was all Maggie. She kept squirrelling around and scratching her ears, and finally scooted me over to the edge of the bed. Ok, maybe it was Billy – it’s hard to tell those two apart. Not much sleep for me, but at least I got to hear Maggie and Billy snore in unison.

In all honesty, it was great to have Billy sleep all night long. It is just one more thing that makes him more like himself. In fact, he slept all morning and all afternoon too! These are things that the pre-cancer Billy was often found to do. Besides being an avid sleeper, Billy is also one of the greatest helpers ever (especially in the kitchen). Earlier today as I was lifting him onto the bed, he reached up with his arms and helped me put him up there, and man did that make me feel good. He has been doing that all day!

I know that, based on all of the pictures that have been posted, everyone that reads our posts believes that Billy either sleeps all day, or is stuffed. He does normally sleep most of the day, but we thought it was time to prove that he is in fact living! Here is the proof:

And here is Billy blowing his “feed me” bubbles while we try to have lunch:

Can I have some please?

Can I have some please?

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6 Responses to Day 8: He is who he is and he’s not who he’s not


    Wilson just wants to know if that is his old green leash.

  2. benny55 says:

    Okay Billy…I’m FINALLY about to see some pictures/videos that apparently prove you are not suffed and you can actually do things awake! zbut darn, the two “pics” are just big black squares! Now, I have a tablet and these things often don’t see what other computers seez,

    I did see Billy blowing his “bubbles for food” though! BILLY, Happy Hannah and I are in love all over again! You are adorable!

    I’ll keep checkng back to see if others have been able to see the video or it’s just my tablet.

    Glad everyone get some good sleep…..or almost everyone!

    Snuggles to Billy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. benny55 says:

    OH YAAAAAAAA! Youtube and my tablet came through for me! I just now glt to see the Magnificent Billy MOVING!! Yes indeedy, he moves, he stands, he walks, he runs and he’s having a blast doing it!

    It’s wonderful to see him doing so well, especially this early on. And his incision site looks good too! And he looks very fit too!

    YAAAAAY Brown Dog movies!

  4. labsrus says:

    Billy! You look amazing at only 8 days! What a super dog your are!
    And, yes, your humans are super too for giving up their sleeping space!
    Keep up the good work!

    Julie – Super Dog Angel Hunter’s Mom

  5. jerry says:

    Ooooh love seeing you in action Billy! I KNEW there was more to you than couch surfing.

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